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Me and Dan obviously have only done Iji as our currently known soundtrack, but currently are working on a new soundtrack and are almost done.

There is not much to look around but i have put the game NeoGAF demo ( - the music on the game atm is not ours just sample music, which tbh is quite cool!) in bold writing in our "About Me:" section so you may see a (very very old) demo that was only slightly updated in Jan, but rest assured the final product seems very promising and has already been featured in PC ZONE (one of UKs leading PC magazines).

Anyway, we're also building a site for which has been purchased but is not currently in use. I have alot of work on so we're trying to get the soundtrack done and mastered before we worry too much about the main website. Myspace one should suffice for now, anyway. If you're on Myspace, or Facebook, find hyperduck or me (Chris Geehan) and add us please! I'd really appreciate if i can bleed some supporters outta the forums for the site. The mover coverage the better (that is, if you like the music, if not, oh well :()


EDIT: Oh haha, memories. Anyway I updated the website a considerable amount, it looks pretty mental now! Art wise anyway. Mental as in awesome. And I put a soundcloud link to my own profile which has a lot of the work we've done, well some of it. Our bandcamp is also

Adding to top friends ofc :) mate.
Really looking forward to it, looks really entertaining. I <3 ninjas.

The game looks amazing, reminds me of the Xiao Xiao series/games a lot and the music fits it perfectly. I'll add you and Hyperduck on facebook happily!

EDIT: As long as you promise to post in this thread when the game is completed! ^^

The music currently on it isn't ours but i agree it is cool music! Our music is alot better though :D I promise to keep this thread updated. Also is online but the website is being made atm, i gotta remember my HTML coding knowledge as it has all left me. But thanks for the interest and support, we really appreciate it.

In that case i shall bite my tongue and click the MySpace link...


They're all really, really good, except Kinda Green which is... hmm how to put this... EPIC


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