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Dark Eye blues.. helps?

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Anybody who has darkness under their eyes who is able to get rid of it.. help me out.. my eyes are blackening, i'm trying to eat healthier, eating a bit of veg and plenty of fruit, 8 to 10 glasses of water a day, exercising.. and i've got these black god forsaken under eyes and i can even see an ugly green blood vessel now.. i'm turning into a monster.. help me :(

Please don't wrack my brain with comical comments unless it's a follow up to a helpful one you've done :D

Guyliner. Problem solved.

Just to be really obvious... have you been sleeping properly?

Do you spend countless hours in front of screens?

Black circles under eyes means they're probably under a lot of stress of some sort.

Have you had your eyes checked at an optometrist?

In front of a computer screen, yes. Meh.. that's probably a main factor of the problem.

I haven't had my eyes checked at an optometrist. Hm.. i should prob get that sorted with my doc when i get back this friday.

Jack Lupino:
Try rationing your food.

Like, only 1 kid per 2 days.


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