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Okay, so I'm in a band. As I always used some cheapo microphones, now a need a good one. Can you guys give me some suggestions about buying a good mic and a preamp? I've got about 400$ to spend on these, yet I want to make it cheapest it can get, while maintaining quality.

As for the mic, i'm aiming for Shure SM 58 SE. Is it any good?

I went for a shure, but then i found that audiotechnica ATM410 Cardioid Dynamic Vocal Mic is simply superb.

I mean, of course for a long time Shure SM 58 SE has been THE standard for so many parts of the music industry, but this microphone is slowly replacing it, and i really do highly recommend it, they're both good, but the quality of this one is great. And not just for live performances, but for recording as well! I recorded saxophone and vocals and they sounded amazing with this mic.

As for a pre amp, i know nothing of those unfortunetely, so hopefully somebody else can chime in on that one.

Jack Lupino:
Well as for a preamp, you just need a mixer really, try one of berhinger wich comes with exellent effects like echo and such, always a little echo to add warmness to the tone.

Ok, so I'll go for the ATM410, as you say.
As for the preamp or mixer, I need it for live performances in cheap venues without their own mixers, to bump up the mic gain and probably give put it through some equalizing.

buying a mixer/preamp shouldn't be too hard. there are lots of budget ones on the internet, and plenty of websites will point you in the right direction.
dont use a condenser mic when you're gigging, though!  not sure if you were planning to, but just in case xD


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