Author Topic: Zeitgeist: Addendum. The new Zeitgeist movie.  (Read 14775 times)

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Re: Zeitgeist: Addendum. The new Zeitgeist movie.
« Reply #45 on: October 13, 2008, 12:52:57 am »
I also apologize than I haven't read a single post of your discussions so far. But hey, that's almost become a norm nowadays, so who's going to blame me for that corruption, right?

And after all the hard work I put into those tl;dr posts. :P
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Re: Zeitgeist: Addendum. The new Zeitgeist movie.
« Reply #46 on: October 13, 2008, 02:15:31 am »
Point of my posts was that for example in mafia they know how to keep their mouth shut and they can blow up politicians, judges, buildings, whatever. They can traffic narcotics, they can sell people, they can sell bodyparts and nobody interferes. Nobody speaks and stuff works.

Same goes with governments. US government's reasons for attacking Iraq were lies for example. Why I should believe that their original reasons for this "crusade" were right? I'm not blaming that US government is worse than others, my own government has done nasty things too in it's own.

You said that government doesn't attack generally it's own... Well in WW2 Russia did shoot it's own troops with cannons in Mainila to get reason for attacking Finland. Germans did burn their own Reichstag building. These are just two examples but they are valid ones. And in either case none was talking. Stuff worked.

I'm not underestimating the power of investigation. I'm just saying that nobody will know the truth because every piece of evidence comes from government or media that's on government's leash. And it really doesn't matter what caused the death of the thousands when none can know who really was behind it... Who masterminded, funded and got the stuff together. It's always the small fishes that get caught. Truth is that there's lots of secret stuff happening around us, done by governments, corporations and organized crime that regular dudes have no clue about.

Truth about Osama's place or whether he even lives anymore... Truth about it cannot be found because nobody talks. That's why I brought it in. Nobody talks, stuff works. And besides Osama was sponsored by US government's earlier like Saddam Hussein as well. So... Were there some difference?

I'm not really interested about stuff like JFK assination or 9/11 since what I've studied and what I've found out proves that I cannot figure out the truth about them. So I'm not interested about them in that sense. I might watch or read something new when something pops up but that's about it. I've no real opinion about them because there's not enough evidence on either way, IMO. I think that some of the theories are possible but who knows for sure? I don't. I just know that governments do dirty things and they do keep things secret (lots of things) and I would not wonder if conspiracy theories were right. But as I don't know I can't do anything about them.
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