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All male beauty contest 2008

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Ladies and gentlemen, friends and fellow fans! As everyone knows hottest female fans in realm of metal music are those of the band name Machinae Supremacy. Their resident place lies here on this forum.

And where the hot women are there's evidently hot males as well. This irresistable logic, countless eyewitness statements and glimpses of manly awesomeness proves that there's huge potentiality of male fan hotness in this forum. Now let's make this potentiality to show in practice!

-Each participant can participate with maximum of four photos.
-You must have copyright of picture or license to put it on display here.
-Every submitted photo must be photo of you.
-You must state in same message where you post photos which categorie(s) you're going to participate in. You can't choose Judge's Choice as I do pick my favourite from other categorie's input.
-All photos must be posted on same message of the same thread (All male beauty photos 2008). Only participating messages with photos will be accepted in that thread, everything else will be deleted.
-Photos must be submitted before 1st of October GMT+2
-Photos must follow the rules of this forum
-Discussion about contest and submitted pictures are allowed in this thread.
-After deadline is over photothread will be closed and poll threads will be opened (Best xxxx 2008 where xxxx stands out for the categoria). In this point discussion is free to move from here into those threads according their topic. There's one week time to vote and discuss about pictures in those threads. You can vote in each category, make sure that your voice is heard! Cheer up your favourite to the victory! Winners are announced here in this thread and in this message too.


Best Macho / Alpha Male (I rule)
- Muscles, strenght, cars, male dominance, warriors, hunters, sexual beasts... This category will determine who is toughest motherfsker of them all. Those who participate in this category don't ask your vote. They demand it.

Best Pretty Boy (I shine)
- Ethereal ageless beauty that breaks the boundaries of time and space. Those who participate in this category make world prettier and more beautiful. Androgynous? Maybe! Victorious? Always! Who could resist urge to vote for these cute guys?

Best Nerd (I pwn)
- Intelligence is sexy. Those who participate in this category know the inner secrets of your soul and OS. Culture and knowledge is the key to understand their ways. Their talk might be more encrypted than their harddrives but you just love mysteries and these guys offer you plenty. Vote for them and they haxor your heart.

Best Rockstar (I rock)
- Sex, drugs and rock'n'roll, fuck yeah! These dudes know the groove, love the spotlight and play you like the instrument in their hand. And how they play... They are hot and they will rock! You will follow their charisma, poses and mad skillz... And vote for them!

Judge's Choice (Random Joker)
- This one's my own personal choice. I don't know yet what it will be but I know it when I see it. Underdog? Madness? Ultimate awesomeness? Genrebreaker? Genderbreaker? Who knows what it will be!

Something little and humble to every category's winner. You might win CD or DVD... Or something alike. After declaration of winners winners I will PM winners, congratulate and ask for posting addresses and stuff like that.

Winners :
Best Macho / Alpha Male:

Best Pretty Boy:

Best Nerd:

Best Rockstar:

Judge's Choice:

Torp v2.0:
I assume that the Judge's choice is not a separate category, but will be your pick of one shot that you feel didn't get the spotlight it deserved?

Torp v2.0:
Oh, and on copyrights: I assume that having a license to distribute them would be good enough? Seeing as, per definition, the copyright of a photo is owned by the one who takes the shot, which would often not be you if you're in it. Of course, the photographer may hand over the copyright to you afterwards, but that seems like a lot of extra work for a contest like this, when a license to post it would be more than sufficient.

I already love this <3
Thank you Gravehill =)

Judge's choice is my personal pick, that's true. I pick my favourite from amongst of those pictures that are posted on "other" categories. So you participate in main categories and I pick my personal favourite from those who did not win. Or then win but was so awesome that I pick it again :D

About copyrights : true that. As long you're on the picture and have license to put it on display here it's ok. Also please let the picture remain so future fans might marvel the beauty and grace of this year's harvest.

EDIT : I modified or clarified the first message's rules so they are clear and exact enough.

@~futilit√©~  : thank you, I think too that this will be blast!


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