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I need to get a Crash and a Splash cymbal. And a double kick pedal. I need to know what's best and cheapest, since i don't really have that much money, and i would also need to know what kind of cymbals i need to get (thick or thin) i only have a ride right now..

I should not comment to much on the cymbals when it comes to sizes and such (because I am mostly not a drummer).
I can tell you it's a good thing to check for second hand cymbals. New are mostly incredibly expensive.
Some brands not way too expensive that I think sound good is Zildjan, Stagg and Paiste.

You should not buy a very cheap double kick pedal. There are lots of incredibly sloppy double kicks. I know at least two drummers who have bought quite cheap double kick pedals and who later on wished they saved their money for a little while longer.
Go to a store and try things out, what feels tight and good with one foot I guess also does with two foots.

Jack Lupino:
Don't buy stagg stuff. EVER.

Its breaks and sounds like shit, haha. Its true.

Double kick is the thing you want be getting first, being widely the most important thing in your drum arsenal. Go with brands like TAMA or Pearl import, let the seller inform you of th qualities and brands.
And ofcourse what likfisken said, try them out and if they feel right, you should get it. But do think about how it feels NOW isn't hugely important, because you will get used to it later, and maybe it feels more awesome then.

Good luck  8)

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