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IJI Progress Thread - Soundtrack Complete

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Want to clear some things up before i begin:

1) I am sorry for those who count their posts they'll see a slight drop, i removed the previous Iji thread, just so there is less of them floating around, and this will be the official one i will release everything in after its done and gets the go ahead from Spiff.

2) It's not typically just music here, it will be Spiff speaking on behalf of his game progress, and since i cannot fit it into Games and Music without making two topics, i will keep it in general, i hope that won't turn too many heads, if so, feel free to un-turn.


Anyway, i have a small preview without guitars, though i have a guitarist on hand now who lives with me, and to be fair has done the entire year we just have been so swamped we never sit down together and record. [The quality is compressed and therefore not as good as the final product, i noticed myself already, so no need to bring it up]

A downloadable preview, not much mind but you will get a small jist of the original, 3 cans later. Of course i am remaking that for the game as it seemed the most popular apart from Officially destroyed, which i still have a copy of but i do not believe i'll be remaking it. But there will most likely be tracks of that calibur and much better in the final release, as i am busy writing at the moment to get recording and this all out of the way very soon.

The deadline has become 30th of June, i've made it for myself, one because i have wasted enough of Spiffs time and two because i leave for belfast on that day and will not be bringing my computer, both are pretty significant.

There will be regular updates in the coming weeks here and i hope Spiff reads this and ploughs in here with some game information for you all to read about.

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Very happy! It has to be longer than 60 seconds though!

You were always my favorite mod. /suckup

Sounds epic.


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