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New tabbage...
« on: April 08, 2004, 04:17:52 am »
Sorry.......I'm stupid and use Guitar Pro. Go get the demo, convert it to a midi, and import it into whatever you want, I'm too lazy.

Here for your enjoyment is sidology ep3, hero with the corrected rhythem and added bass, the beginning riff of follower, and a really bad attempt at tabbing attack music. I know some of those songs are on here already, but I like putting them into tabbing programs so I can see which note is what and all that blah blah balh without further blabbing my head off here they are.

By the way, that is my mom's website, and I'd greatly appreciate if you visit or something. Its a recipe website, and she has big dreams of making some spare change from it, so if ya'll could visit after you download, I'd really appreciate it. ^___^

Enjoy the tabs!


I've updated my version of Sidology Episode 3.
Its the 4th link. Redownload if you've previously downloaded it! I'll also be making a powertab version later.
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