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Aion: Tower of Eternity

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New Korean styled characters with a heigtened sense of awesomeness to its far cry engine, i present to you, well NCSoft present to you.. Aion: Tower of Eternity. This thing looks good enough to blow ALL MMOs including WoW outta the water. Big time. The graphics are simply superb: Some videos and pictures avail there, i recommend watching all the short videos, theres alot of them but its a bit like pringles, once you pop, you will not stop.

Preview done by IGN at 2007 E3 meeting:

And some images for those as lazy as me..

I didnt post the full size onces as i know some of you would be a bit distraught at that.. so theyre compressed, but ill only be posting in game pictures.

Some of the cool armor sets and people you can play as, you play as either the chosen or the fallen, typical split.

Some cool player action, i believe this is the sorcerer (mage) class, if you watch the videos they have done quite a nice job with animations and such on the reworked classes.

In game turtle-monsters will rock your world.

The sky city of the Chosen.

The game has quite a dreamy atmopshere to the graphics and the battle animation and fighting both PVE and PVP is quite cool looking and faster paced, maybe this isnt the case and it just flows smoother than what you would see in WoW. Or maybe neither, i'm still trying to find out, but from the videos i was quite impressed. Hopefully the gameplay is as good as the graphics.


Awesome! :D

And since it's NCSoft, will this be Buy To Play, like Guild Wars? One can only speculate! :D

harvey danger:
It reminds me of what Phantasy Star should be. :P


--- Quote from: Bocom on April 18, 2008, 07:18:51 pm ---Awesome! :D

And since it's NCSoft, will this be Buy To Play, like Guild Wars? One can only speculate! :D

--- End quote ---

Just because it's NCSoft doesn't necessarily mean it'll be Buy To Play. NCSoft also runs Tabula Rasa, which requires a monthly fee.

That said, the game looks awesome and I wouldn't mind playing it if it really was Buy To Play :) (alas, Tabula Rasa gets my monthly tithe, and will continue to do so until I get bored with it)

Looks good, but I'm not all that keen on the "Korean MMO" graphics style. AoC is more my thing if something is gonna replace WoW.


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