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ok so...i need booze...good booze, not just any booze.

I was searching around trying to find out what the best rum i could acquire from my local liquor store would be, but doubt that it would carry any of the ones I found.

Never tried Whisky...and this may sound like blasphemy but I hate the taste of beer (or at least any of the ones I have had)

Don't drink Vodka much, etc. etc....

Whatever suggestions you got, bring em on!

Bacardis are good. You can try dark rum as well, preferable from caribbean area. This one is what I drank last

and it was very good. I usually mix rum with Cola and maybe add lemon but it's tastes good just as it is as well. I have tried several caribbean rums (almost everyone that's available in Finland) and so far all of them have been good. You can try drink called Stroh if you like - it gots more alcohol and tastes like strong alcohol. It's rum type drink but technically it is not rum. It's really good party drink if you mix it with Cola but I don't drink it otherwise... One of my friends calls it "poison" and I can understand his viewpoint.

If you want to taste something really yummy buy some mint liqueur, cook some hot chocolate and add mint liqueur there when you're about to drink it. Outcome is warm drink that tastes good. In the matter of fact it tastes so good that be careful not to drink too much since you barely notice the taste of alcohol there even if you put in quite much liqueur there.


The shitz.

Ya, I usually drink Rum and Coke (some times I use Dr.Pepper+Pepsi+Rum...its pretty good)

And just finished some Bacardi Gold that I didn't find overly impressive. I will have to keep an eye out for those :)

Tequila Gold is very nice to drink, and has enough taste to drink it straight.
Sambouka is nice, very sweet stuff with a taste of licorice.
Minttu is a nice very sweet booze with a strong taste of mint (dont' think you can get it over in the 'states, though).
If you can get ahold of it, get some Chinese Aqua Vitae. It's very strong, tastes of rice and has a great burn.
Whisky is obvious.

All these drinks are supposed to be drunk straight with no extra shit like lemons, salt, cola or whatever.


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