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So, I saw that fallout had posted a collection of MaSu tabs, but that was like in october...
Does anyone have a new collection? Because Rapidshare and Megaupload is being a bitch and only allows one file to be downloaded in 2 hours something...

I can fix up something permanent when I am arsed to do so. :)


--- Quote from: Tritox on April 04, 2008, 02:00:07 pm ---I can fix up something permanent when I am arsed to do so. :)

--- End quote ---

You are being arsed right now boy! Right now!  ;D


'ere we go. I've added some unfinished tabs there too which have been lying on my comp quite long time. That url is permanent at least for 17 months still. ^^

If you can't find a tab for song X from that page, the tab probably doesn't exist since I've been collecting pretty much everything. OR there has been like only one tiny riff from the song, I didn't include those and I tried to pick the "best" version if there were several.
Tho if I missed something, feel free to point what and where and I'll fix the problem.

Blue Devil:
Thanks for giving me some credit for the tabs  ^-^


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