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should i do it or not (buying a expensive guitar as a beginner)

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harvey danger:

--- Quote from: Wambo on March 11, 2008, 08:50:46 pm ---i want to play rock, metal but not real heavy metal (maybe a little bit)

i got the idea of the guitar from the satriani vids on youtube, i love that sound

something like this

*edit* i know satriani is insane and i cant play like him in a thousand years but i like it ^^

--- End quote ---

Well, if you have the money, I guess you can go for it. I suppose if you got into a different style you could buy something else later.

Remember, though, that Satriani also gets a lot of his sounds from the pedals and the amp that he uses, so it won't sound exactly the same. Of course, try the guitar somewhere first and make sure you like the clean sound, too.

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