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Well after looking through here, and while noticing there are stickies for Xbox Live and Wii user tags, I've noticed that a thread for sharing PSN nicks is nowhere to be found. There have to be at least a few users on here that have a PS3 and a PlayStation Network account.

I, for one, would love to be able to add some more people to my buddy list, and I'm always looking for people to play online against (particularly in Unreal Tournament 3). So I figured I'd put this here and see if anybody actually wants to post their PSN nicks. :)

My nick is xjen0vax. Feel free to add me. :D

Nicks so far:
xjen0vax - xjen0vax
evilcandybag - evilcandybag
Cragen - Cragen
Tetsuo2040 - Tetsuo2040
Mithrandil - Mithrandil86
Likfisken - Likfisken
Jack Lupino - Pukefist

I am, suprisingly, called evilcandybag.
Added a list to the original post. Will sticky later if we get some more names on the list.

My PSN nick is Cragen (Shocking! :D)



Just got my PS3 yesterday ^^ Nick: Mithrandil86


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