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MaSu in PCPP #98
« on: March 13, 2004, 02:17:30 am »
YAY!!! Machinae Supremacy is in the April Edition of and Austrlian magazine: PcPowerPlay. As seen in this linkey. With getting help from robert and ROM (Really Old Man) - he is like 50 and does this work for the magazine for free. We came up with a deal that PcPP could use the machinae supremacy music on their DVD this is what happened.

Picture 1 (127k)

Picture 2 (145k)

If you read closley you see that there have been a few mistakes that have been made. 1. I have not been recognised, instead Zerocool has. And 2. Zerocool gave rom the other music, Hibiki, and ROM just made a mixup.

There is no Machiane Supremacy Music on the DVD release of the PcPP issue.

I contacted ROM and this is what he said:
From:     ROM
To:    Chompy2
Posted:    Fri Mar 12, 2004 2:50 pm
Subject:    Re: Machinae Supremacy Mixup????    
doh!!! poopy!!
Sorry about that, all my bad, i didnt understand thats for sure, all i can do is apologize.
Maybe I better slow down and stop trying to cram in so much stuff into a Bunker each month.


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oh! and OLD!!

Now seeing as PcPP finalises their DvDs and CDs the month before they are released, we wont be seeing any changes any time soon. Ill keep you posted.