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In Flames - A Sense of Purpose

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Okay, I hope there are some fans in here so my topic won't be that useless ;D

Release date : April 4th

Tracklist :
1. ”The mirror’s truth”
2. ”Disconnected”
3. ”Sleepless again”
4. ”Alias”
5. ”I’m the highway”
6. ”Delight and angers”
7. ”Move through me”
8. ”The chosen pessimist”
10. ”Condemned”
11. ”Drenched in fear”
12. ”March to the shore”

Now, the single cover :-\ :

And the album cover :

Yeah I know... Not very nice.

And last but not least, a short review translated from Swedish (by a Swedish guy on an In Flames fansite) :

--- Quote ---"A regular eavesdropping"

Sweden's biggest metal band In Flames is on the go again. GP has already heard the album to be released in April. Come Clarity from 2006 took the first spot on the Swedish album charts and was awarded with a Grammis. The 4th of April the gothenburgers release their ninth album A Sense Of Purpose. The album was recorded in the band's own IF studios, where about 30 journalists from the whole of Europe was gathered for a listening in advance.

- Let me guess which song you liked the best! The calm one, right? asks the guitarist Björn Gelotte afterwards.
He guesses right. After listening through the album once it feels like a strong continuation of the previous album, and also like an album that will grow a lot. The tempo is high, but the details give variation.

- I still don't know which one is my favourite song since we haven't played them live yet, continues Björn Gelotte.
The first sample reaching the stores is the single The Mirror's Truth on the 7th of March.

(Fyr means lighthouse and she rates the songs by fyrar. 5 fyrar is the best)

3 fyrar
The Mirror's Truth
A quick first song, In Flames recognized at once. Not their strongest single, but a good presentation of the album. Will grow.

4 fyrar
Same tempo, but more pisk (can't translate that..literally it's whips/whipping?). Nice melodic tunes in the background, the structure seems familiar but still new.

3 fyrar
Sleepless Again
There is something poppy here, in the guitars the folk melody goes again. Anders Fridén uses the same half-screaming voice in all songs (I think she means all the songs so far). Good and different solo.

4 fyrar
The "dansanta" (this word doesn't exist I think, she probably means dancing in some way) introduction the song switches into a slower tempo - and when the pieces are put together the result is surprisingly good. A song with potential to grow to something fantastic (or something you quickly get tired of) -- note I did not write that ()

4 fyrar
I'm The Highway
The tempo is higher again. Reminds me of Dead End. The result is always metal, but you can hear in the details that In Flames listens to many sorts of music.

4 fyrar
Delight And Angers
The mangling continues, and here with a neat slower tempo change. One of the most direct songs, even though the record is missing a real monster chorus.

4 fyrar
Move Through Me
A keyboard is haunting in the background. The pattern with small tempo changes appears in all songs, but is so subtile that it never gets dull. Almost "south state rock riffs" at one point.

5 fyrar
The Chosen Pessimist
A calm song, but no ballad. A long fateful/fatal and bittersweet intro builds up the atmosphere, Anders is singing with desperation. The band has tested a new grip and got a direct hit.

4 fyrar
Sober And Irrelevant
The only right thing now is full attack. A relatively straightforward song, exactly what was needed.
And.. wasn't there a little growl?

3 fyrar
A darker song with typical guitars, where the changes are more in the structure than in the tempo.

3 fyrar
Drenched in fear
Pockande (can't translate) guitars that absolutely doesn't have their roots in death metal. An obvious chorus where you can hear the title.

4 fyrar
March to the shore
A typical In Flames-song, where Anders sings a little more harsh in the chorus. This song contain both obvious brott(brott... maybe she means breakdowns or changes or something) and obvious gears. I got curious on the text.
Oh, is the album already over?
--- End quote ---

Kewl! :D

Album cover looks kinda.. fake?

I dunno, I wouldn't put it past them

It's not a fake, c'mon... -_-'


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