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a few of you already know about this....a wonderful little place where Game Reviews become riddles with negativity and a British accent that you cannot turn away from.

The sketches are wonderful (albiet mainly negative in exception for Portal) and by the end of each one you cannot help but laugh.

The reviewer, aptly named "Yahtzee"  has reviewed such games as BioShock, Halo 3, Paper Mario, and various others.

So watch a few, laugh a bit and think about what gaming USED to be, before it became a second job.


L'homme magique:
yeah his adventure games are cool too i played them a few years ago

indie cred + 1000000000000000

I used to go on this site ages ago! Thanks for reminding me.

Torp v2.0:
You know, Yathzee isn't the only part of Escapist.

He is, however, the awesomest game reviewer out there. Zero Punctuation rules.


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