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The Picture Thread in Media with strict rules on posting comments

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Torp v2.0:
Okay, so the last picture thread got nuked because it was getting out of hand and messy and stuff. The same will not happen here.

So, here are the rules. Read them carefully:

1. You post pictures of yourself. Any post without a picture in it stands the risk of being deleted.
2. Limited commenting. You may comment on a picture shortly after it's been posted, without posting a picture yourself. Don't get angry if your picture-less post was deleted, I rule this thread and I do what I want.  >:D (a use for the devil-smiley, at last)
3. Very limited commenting on comments. You may only comment on a comment if you simultaniously post a picture of yourself (unless you're the guy who posted the pictures being commented. I suppose I'll allow you guys to answer a comment). If you don't, your post may very well be deleted.

Consider these rules extra rules that only goes in this thread. Going in to break the rules, I'm pretty sure will end in warnings (under the "don't be an ass" rule, and to some degree the "listen to the mods" rule. The thread will be deleted again if it derails and people say stupid shit in it, and by extension, those who caused it to be deleted will have been asses to all of the forumers who just want to post pics of themselves and share their beauty and sexiness and stuff). I will warn people that they are stretching the limits before giving out an official warning. That goes only for the thread-specific rules, of course. A breach of normal rules works like normal.

That is all.

Actually, there's one more thing.

See, I'm already following the rules.

EDIT: Thanks, Rad. And yeah, your drummer wants you. Guess what he wants to do with his drumsticks.

And posting images from the old thread is okay. No problems there. It was destroyed, so no posts in there count for anything anymore.

Jack Lupino:
Torp cool picture!


EDIT : LMFAO i just noticed that mathijs, our drummer is touching his titties like he wanted me

I'm gonna go ahead and use my pic from the last thread...


Scarlett (my cat) <3 teh beard.
(Cats love beards, everyone knows that)

Jack Lupino:
and just to piss of gazus im going to post it here


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