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I was messing around with some stuff in Photoshop trying to make my own version of the MaSu logo, and this is what came out. and yeah, some people might have trouble reading the text; that's pretty much my fault for trying to make it look even more grungy. >.>

I might work on it some more another time, considering I saved a .psd. :o

EDIT: Here's a version with a transparent background, for those who want it.

Now that I look at it again, the gray of the forum makes it look a lot better.

Its not that hard to read. Contrasts enough to the dark background but in the light its more troublesome for me. But what do I know, my screen nukes my eyes out. ::)

very nice indeed.
I think I'll use it as wallpaper on my cellphone for a while, looks to be about perfect in shape and size =)

Awesome stuff.


great work


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