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The whole music webography is available in good and open Ogg Vorbis format. But why the videos are available only in closed formats like Quicktime or Adobe Flash Video?

It would be nice to see them in an open format like Ogg Theora.

It may come, I think what you see on the site is just what Rob could give at the time, so many people couldn't take the anticipation anymore so he gave us what he could.

I offer my services - I can transcode between any format ^_^

As for format, Ogg Theora is kinda... sucky... even though I love the philosophy.
Ogg Vorbis, on the other hand, pwns MP3's ass.

Xvid and x264 I would love ^_^

I will be putting up an Xvid 720p version on Stage6, a HD video streaming site.

Let me know if I can do anything to help!

I have some spare website space with virtually unlimited bandwidth if you're interested, PM me if you want me to mirror any vids.

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