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No this isnt a thread about a documentary. I recently recieved a package from my friend Aino in Finland who sent me a fuckload of candies and snacks from Finland. I recieved the following (please excuse not using correct characters and probably butchering the names of things):
a box of Muumi Mumin cookies (like tiny teddies to us aussies but in moomin shapes)
a box of mini domino, which is like oreos i think
a bag of sifu salmiakki
a bag of truly juicy fruit pastilles
a huge bag of fazerin parhain
karlfazer (chilli chocolate bar)
paaryna-vanillini lakritsi
tyrkisk peber
mint-mint taytelakritsi fylld lakrits
suku laku taytelakritsi fylld lakrits
bis bis salmiakki taytelakritsi
snork frokens and lilla my fruktpastiller (cutest little boxes evar)
and my favourite so far: hard candy with Lordi on the bag!
She also sent me lots of brochures about finland, which got me thinking about how many of us come from different places around the world and how different the landscape is. So please post photos of what its like where you live. I shall start :D

I live in a city called Darwin which is at the top of Australia in the Northern Territory. Its a very small city and from here theres 4 hours of nothing to get to the nearest town, and 5 hours from there to the nearest town from it. That should give you a rough idea of how remote it is where I live. Now. Photos.

First this is the city of Darwin. its very small and the buildings are very small because we gets cyclones here. i live about 45mins drive away from the city on the outskirts of civilisation. a place called McMinns Lagoon. the land is in 5 acre blocks out here and people keep to themselves.

now for my part of the worlds' main attraction: the jumping saltwater crocodile. yes this is natural behaviour for them. yes they will eat you. no do not swim in our waters.

here are some photos of Kakadu National Park which is not far from here. The same place they want to start uranium mining, and that Steve Irwin was banned from.

The rest of australia doesnt look like this. this is a unique landscape for our part of the world. we have 2 seasons, wet and dry. the wet is during our summer. its hot, humid and wet. it rains constantly for around 4 months. the dry is hot, dry and.. hot. you dont see a raincloud for half the year til the wet comes again where it gets humid again. our humidity can reach 100% and the temp is around 35C. I used to live 9 hours across the border into Western Australia. The Kimberley town called Kununurra. It reached a stifling 45C with 100% humidity. Kununurra is surrounded by rock, while Darwin has a sea breeze.

There :) Your little tour of my part of Darwin :)

I live in Santa Cruz and Carmel, California.

I come from Carmel (actually, Carmel Valley, which is to the right of carmel on that map, down the light road heading southeast).

This is an old picture of the area where i live:

That is a small airstrip; our apartment overlooks it. It is now defunct and overgrown. Most of Carmel Valley is more like this:

We (i say "we," but it's really more of an area than a unified district) have golf courses (Quail Lodge, you may have heard of?) and vineyards everywhere. Rich people abound. My mother worked on a house for a Hong Kong billionaire. Needless to say, it's horrifically boring, and so i have learned to amuse myself with computers.

I attend university in Santa Cruz, which is very close; about an hour's drive from carmel.

While Carmel Valley is full of rich folk with a deep undercurrent of hicks, santa cruz is full of hippies, tweakers, and other ex-college students, with a deep undercurrent of rich folk. It is mostly a college town (15000 college folk, 35000 city folk), but it also has a lot of surfers, real estate moguls, and mexican immigrants. housing prices are insane.

This is the upper westside of the city, where i mostly am:

I live somewhere in the middle there; the university campus is at the top left corner; most of the buildings are just above where the photo cuts off. Rumor has it that there's a city ordinance that the university can't build anything visible from the city proper. I dunno if it's true, but it's definitely true that we're ensconced on a hill in a bunch of trees, and that the city folk hate us.

crappy pictures, but the text is more important. next!

welcome to eastbourne. the place where old people come and forget to die. it's a relatively tiny town but has everything we need. its smack bang beside the sea and its in the far south of england, so its a popular tourist area during the summer. we get shedloads of tourists, and recently, foreign students WHO STAND EVERYWHERE SO NOBODY CAN MOVE OR DO ANYTHING THEY WANT TOETPOIRGJKGOPKGHROPF. swines. so as we're a seaside resort, the towns main income is tourism. which sucks,
its not an especially pretty place, but it could be worse. there are plans to completely rebuild the town center, turning the shopping area into a multifloor roofed complex. looks very shiny :P

eastbourne in its entirety. i dont actually live in this town, just so you know. i live in a little estate about 15 minutes away but its counted as eastbourne :)

the bandstand where brass bands and stuff play. usually very packed out at night as sometimes different bands tend to go up. nothing heavy though.

the pier where most scene kids go to get drunk on or play video games in the massive arcade. xD

not really much else to say. my town is boring!


--- Quote from: Alix__ on August 28, 2007, 01:14:14 pm ---its a popular tourist area during the summer. we get shedloads of tourists, and recently, foreign students WHO STAND EVERYWHERE SO NOBODY CAN MOVE OR DO ANYTHING THEY WANT TOETPOIRGJKGOPKGHROPF.

--- End quote ---
sounds exactly like where i live. darwin is incredibly popular for tourists, particularly the old fuddy duddies that travel around in their campervans with their widdle poochie woochies

least you dont get students in your cinemas not only filling them up but also cosntantly talking through the entire film. apparantly, german custom is that you ruin the film for everyone else :(
we were on a bus once, and this student walks up to my friend, and goes "get out of your seat. im a visitor in your country and you should give it to me". :S
dont even get me started on the old people, theres loads :P


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