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Just thought I'd register and share this. Roughly based on invisigirl591's (someone from an entirely different board) prologue to her fantasy book (if you feel like it, you can read it HERE, pass: vista). The lyrics are from Machinae Supremacy - Hero.


Benzine Rock & Roll

All she saw was black.
Dirigibles in the sky, steamboats honked and whistled, people on the docks waved their friends as they set foot on shore, a couple of young soldier flirted with some passing lady, and the sun was burning bright. On the other side of the piece of cloth wrapped tightly around her eyes, the world was smiling.
But all she saw was black.
Lia felt a slight breeze on her face, a breeze that smelt of distant hills and foreign flowers. She sighed. Pushing her trolley in front of her, trying not to bump into anyone, she headed towards her boat.
“Hear ye, hear ye! The last dragon in the Kingdom is dead! All hail heroes Isabelle and Tristan!”
She sighed again. Well, at least he’s not alone anymore, she thought as she approached the boat. She learnt to orientate without using her eyes with a simple spell she bought from a travelling magician a couple of years ago, so getting through the crowded docks hadn’t been much of a challenge. An officer standing in front of the ladder said, “Hello, ‘mam. Your ticket please.”
“Here you go,” she reached in her dress and gave him the ticket. The officer sounded young. I’m just an old cripple for you, she thought, but you should’ve seen me five years ago, head full of red hair and not as much as a single wrinkle…
“What’s in the trolley?”
“It’s… It’s a machine that my husband built for me. It plays music.”
“And your husband, is he coming with you?”
“Yes… But on a different boat. He’s still a couple of things to take care of in the City.”
Lia lied – her husband was dead. But least of all she wanted to hear pity in the young officer’s voice.
“Very well, ‘mam. Enjoy your trip.”
It took three month’s sail to reach the port in Anderon, after which she continued her journey on foot. She tip-toed across the swamps of L’acolta, pushed her trolley over the snowy peaks of the Tarlak mountain range, and walked through the Forest of Ugh.
Mere kilometers away from her secluded familial castle she was stopped by three hungry riff-raffs, desperate enough to rob a blind woman.
“Look, just… Em… Just give us all your money and be on your way, all right?” said their leader, sounding more sorry than fearsome.
“I… I don’t have any.”
“What? Surely, you must have something. Look, just give it up... We don’t really want to hurt you. Please.”
“I’m so sorry. I really don’t have any.”
“And what’s that thing in your trolley? Looks expensive.”
“Please don’t touch that.”
“We’ll just take this… This… Whatever that is, and you’re free to go, okay?”
“No. Not okay,” said Lia with a sudden note of metal in her voice.
“Eh,” the bandit was a little bit thrown aback, “I wasn’t really asking.”
He pushed her away so hard that she fell down, and grabbed the trolleys handlebar.
Lia stood up and ripped the cloth off her eyes. In a second, her posture straightened, her gray hair turned a bright shade of red, the wrinkles on her face disappeared, and her lips acquired a playful, sensual curve. Her skin turned a milk-white color and blood rushed to her cheeks. Her big green eyes were wide open, and in them glowed a spark strong enough to start the fires of hell.
CRACK. The robbers fell to their knees. CRACK. One of the men screamed as his ribs broke inside his chest, his scream dying as bone ruptured lung tissue. CRACK. Another fell to the ground, his spinal cord torn in two. CRACK. Their leader, blood flowing from his ears and eyes and mouth, whispered, “Damn… You… Witch…”
And then, his head exploded.
Lia picked up the cloth, tied it across her eyes, and immediately turned back into her old self. She wiped pieces of the bandit off her face with the bottom of her skirt, took her trolley, and continued on her way.
Her castle stood on a cliff, not a single house nearby, the tall walls menacing over a dead tree garden. She pushed the heavy oak doors open and entered. Cold and empty. Just like her life. She could’ve cried, but she had forgotten how to. Lia pushed her trolley into what she imagined to be the living room – for this was the first time she ever set foot in her familial home – and pulled a lever on her husband’s gift. It started humming, black smoke chimed from its pipes, a large black disk on the top of the device started to spin, and then the room filled with loud energetic music. For the first time in years, Lia smiled.
They try to beat me
but they will not ever defeat me
This time we're on my battlegrounds
I'm gonna win, trust in me
I have come to save this world
and in the end I'll get the girl!

She took off her eyewear, turning into the beautiful redhead she once always was, sat down on the bare floor, and tried to remember her husband explaining her how the machine worked. Something about a liquid called benzine he purchased from the Alchemist Association spinning a big disk that somehow “held” the music. She wasn’t paying attention then, and now, his words and this machine was all she had.
She remembered the last time the only man she ever loved looked her in the eyes.
She remembered how, five years ago, she became a widow.
“You will stain this Earth no more, you foul creature!” said a loud female voice. Lia jumped. Two people stood in the doorway. One of them was a knight, his scorched armor plates covered in protective magical runes, and the other a woman in frisk clothing, an Elementalist insignia tattooed across her bare shoulders. Their eyes were shut.
“Who… Who are you?”
“I am Isabelle,” said the Elementalist, “And this is my husband Tristan. We’ve come to rid the world of your evil.”
“We know you're here!” Tristan added out of context.
“Obviously. I think I’ve heard of you two before. So now what, you’re going to try to kill me with your eyes closed?”
“Silence, monster!” said Tristan, “We'll make the world a better place!”

Lia smiled again, her love’s music playing in the background. Why spend years living  in misery, she thought, when I can end it all now. And I might even have fun doing it. Fun! Ha! It’s about time!
“Yes. Yes, you would. But you’ll have to work for it, you motherfuckers,” she said, her smile growing into a grin. And then, she started laughing. Laughing like she’s never laughed before. If I’m a villain, she thought, trying to get a hold of herself, might as well go all the way!

I've missed it, so twisted
and unsurpassed in my head
This sense of power has awakened in me
I feel I could take on the world
a day like this
my rage is brewing like a storm

She ran up to the Elementalist and punched her right across the mouth. Isabelle flew back, her fingers discharging a bolt of electricity into the ceiling. She then dodged Tristan’s wild sword lunge, and jumped back to the safety of the living room. Tristan took a wrong turn and clumsily walked out the door and headed away, swinging his weapon all over the place.
“AAAAAAAAAAAAAH!” came a scream from the outside.
The moron must have walked off the cliff, Lia guessed. She watched Isabelle pull herself up from the floor, her body shaking with fury. This time, she was luckier - the second blind shot hit its target.
And now the storm has grown
out of control
Right here, the voice of anger
taking tone
Cause now the fire
in our hearts explode
Baby, let's blow this joint
and build our own

Electricity burst through Lia’s body, sharp pain striking her from gritted teeth and to the bottom of her feet. The voltage burnt away her clothes, and then, it stopped her heart.
Sometimes you just need to
level everything with the ground to
make room for all the things
you wanted somehow
And I have known it all along
the day is coming
when you will reap your evil ways

Isabelle opened her eyes and looked at the naked body of the green-eyed redhead. “Adieu,” she said.
Lia's husband's machine played her her last vanilla record of benzine Rock & Roll.
But all she saw was black.
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I checked that thing and I was very confused at first how things connect to others (must be tiredness, I guess) but then I realized how that forum you posted works. Anyways... I'm not sure whether this is on correct thread since things in Random do go random even more than usually. So I transfer this to some place I think is more suitable...

EDIT : Firstly I thought about sending this to "pics and videos" where more Machinae Supremacy inspired arts and fan-art can be found... But on the other hand this is not picture and it is not video so I moved it to General. And thanks for your input. Right now I'm too tired to read it properly but what I read was pretty nice.
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Cool, thanks for moving this! Obviously, I'm pretty new to these forums. And I'm glad you liked what you've read so far. :)

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Definitely liked the description of Lia ;)
But if one day we meet together while I'm drunk, I promise you to draw a big group sex picture including a lot of forumites. :D

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