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Hi, I want to buy a new guitar but I don't know a lot about them so can anyone help me with this? Pricerange is about 550-800 euro for the guitar. I play mostly hardrock, my favourite bands are: Machinae Supremacy (DUH xD) ,Bullet For My Valentine, Breakin Benjamin, System Of A Down, Papa Roach, Anberlin, Three Days Grace, Billy Talent, The Killers. That kind of stuff...

A few days ago I found out that the soloist of MaSu plays with a Jackson KE2 Kelly, so I looked for some info and I found the KE3 Kelly which is a lot cheaper offcourse, but still decent. Is this true? Anyone plays with it?

Jack Lupino:
Copied from the other thread a post i earlier made, mainly because i'm a lazy bastard but reading through might give you some ideas.
Good looking and black preferred.. those two do not match.

But i'm willing to ignore that like nothing happened for this once and sum up some awesome guitars that might give you an idea or two.

The ESP LTD EC1000, Vintage Black, A very awesome guitar, and... EMG's !

This baby is 999,- Euros.

* Set-neck construction
24.75” Scale
Mahogany body
3-piece mahogany neck
Rosewood fingerboard
Abalone flag inlays w/model name at 12th fret
EMG 81/60 active pickups
2 volume & 1 tone control with 3-way toggle
Gold hardware
Sperzel locking tuners
Earvana compensated nut
TonePros locking bridge with stop tailpiece
Binding on body neck & headstock
24 XJ frets

Or the Maverick F1 ! I bought one yesterday and man am i impressed.

I have this one in Picalilly Yellow though.

Features :

* Special Feature 2  Roller Tone and Volume Controls 
Neck  One Piece Maple 
Finger Board  AAA Grade Indian Rosewood 
Frets  24 
Bridge  Floyd Rose 
Body  Basswood 
Hardware  Chrome 
Pickups  2 A-Type Custom Humbuckers 
Machine Heads  Maverick Die-Cast 

I have custom Seymour Duncan pickups on mine.

Ibanez ! You can NOT think of buying a guitar, and not thinking of ibanez.

It has some great guitars in every price class..

The J&M (JEM) Is the vai signature guitar, you know, with the handle. AWww feck it, ill put a picture up. - Its too big for here.
(beware this one is a tad expensive.)

Well i don't really know what kind of music you play but these guitars are pretty allround.

Good luck :P

Thanks I'll definately check out those guitars when I'm in the shop :)

Anyone got some info about the KE3 Kelly?

Jack Lupino:
A friend of mine bought that one, played on it, its definately sweet, however takes some time getting used to, because of the bridge.

harvey danger:

--- Quote from: Chimeray on August 07, 2007, 10:34:12 pm ---Thanks I'll definately check out those guitars when I'm in the shop :)

Anyone got some info about the KE3 Kelly?

--- End quote ---

Check eBay, there's tons of 'em.


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