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Guitar Hero, custom songs!

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Well, as some(?) may know, I have been working on Player One for Guitar Hero!
It is done so far with the notes.
And, I cant test it, since I dont have a modded ps2.
But, if anyone have, can you please test it for me? :)
And it is for gh2.


I would really appreciate if you could test it for me!
And, even happier if you could record it! :D

Edit: Okey, eh, please ignore the solo   :-X
I know its impossible, but its expert ;)

Edit2: Okey, it is fixed :P
Uploading in a sec.

edit3: Ok, nope, was not finished.
Ok, you can still test, but ignore the solo.

I will make Arcade next, but first I will have to complete Player One 100%.

Player One

You made a Guitar Hero song... But you can't play it? Well what's the point in that? Will it work in Frets On Fire?


--- Quote from: SomethingApt on August 02, 2007, 09:32:16 pm ---You made a Guitar Hero song... But you can't play it?
--- End quote ---

almost like painting a picture but blindfolding yourself so you cant see the mistakes :P
but then baethoven (sp) was deaf and he made some awesome music, maybe iggman will follow suit!

Moving this to gaming discussion. I think it fits quite a bit better there, may have more luck finding a tester too! :)

Hmm..I may be able to test it out for you.  Shoot me a PM at scorehero(I'm assuming you go there, how else would you know about the custom scene?) with whatever links necessary for me to do it.

And with this I shall post my videos of MaSu songs in GH2.

Sidology episode 2, the first 6:30
Sidiology episode 2, the last 6:30

I also made a Hybrid chart, but I don't have a video for it.  :D  hope you enjoy watching.


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