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New Game: Cryptic Picture Band Quiz

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Laser Turret:
Here's a new game to play, which I picked it up from another forum.

The rules are:

* One person posts a picture (or multiple pictures) that as one give a cryptic clue to the name of a band/music artist.
* Everyone guesses and the first person to guess right must post their own (or pass responsibility onto someone else :P)
* If no one can guess right, you are allowed to give clues at your own discretion
* Looking at the poster's account is not allowed.

The answer is Asian Kung-Fu Generation
(I picked this one up from the other forum, so don't blame me for how bad it is)

I'll get the ball rolling with a super-easy one:


What? It's not CAKE? FUCK!

Korn zomg zomg zomg

Laser Turret:

--- Quote from: Crazywater on June 28, 2007, 12:29:19 am ---Korn zomg zomg zomg

--- End quote ---

Gratz. You go next.

--- Quote from: SpeedD on June 28, 2007, 12:27:18 am ---CAKE!

What? It's not CAKE? FUCK!

--- End quote ---

So close though! Maybe next time.

Yay :)

should not be too difficult... ;)


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