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Some of them are not too great (some are made a long long time ago when i was just starting in PS.
Inspiration Thread:,5144.0.html

Band Member (or former Band Member) Signatures:

General Machinae Supremacy Signatures:

Userbar / Fantag

Represent on other forums :P


Overworld [Incomplete]
Need for Steve [Incomplete]
Edge and Pearl [Incomplete]
Radio Future [Incomplete]
Skin [Complete]
Truth of Tomorrow [Incomplete]
Dark City [Complete?]
Conveyor [Incomplete]
Gimme More (SID) [Incomplete]
Violator [Incomplete]
Sid Icarus [Incomplete]
Stand [Incomplete]


Elite [complete]
Rise [complete]
Fury [complete]
Ronin [complete]
Kaori Stomp [complete]
Hate [complete]
I Know The Reaper [complete]
Seventeen [complete]
The Cavern of Lost Time [complete]
Rogue World Asylum [complete]
Through The Looking Glass [complete]
Oki Kuma's Adventure [complete]
Reanimator [complete]
Empire [complete]
Ghost [complete]

Non-Redeemer Songs:

Dreadnaught [complete]
Flagcarrier [complete]
Hubnester Inferno [complete]
Throttle & Mask [complete]
Cryosleep [complete]
Winterstorm [complete]
Return to Snake Mountain [complete]

Band Member Signatures Complete:

Robert Stjärnström [Complete]
Johan Hedlund [Complete]
Jonas Rörling [Complete]
Tomas Nilsén [Complete]
Andreas Gerdin [Complete]
Niklas Karvonen [Incomplete]

Woah I love them all, but Kaori is a favourite ;D

hehe first i wanted to make a signature for every song on Redeemer....but never got around to finishing all of them. :/

Forgot to mention one thing, some of them seem really cluttered and almost as if you were trying too hard, which is why i picked Kaori

Cool as hell, all of them are awsome.


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