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Tab: I know the reaper

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Hey everyone!  ;D

I wonder if it's anyone who can publish the "I know the reaper" tab.
I would be sooooo greatful, I've been locking for it everywhere but if i found one it have been a couroppt file. So PLEASE help me  ;)

Tal is a sexy mod.

Jack Lupino:
Yes well. perhaps you two should get a room. Get out of the tabs section xD


--- Quote from: fallout­ on May 25, 2007, 10:02:29 am ---Tal is a sexy mod.

--- End quote ---

Stay on topic, hypocrite. :P

Can anyone tab this please? GuitarPro 5 if possible, thanks a lot!!!
I've been dying to play this song with my band (so if you're good, tab the whole thing :D)
hope someone sees this!


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