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New Nightwish Vocalist & Song

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Eva is out and they are annoucing the name of the new vocalist today. Anyone else listen to the song yet?

I think it's awful. Sounds like some horrible attempt of immitating the new Within Temptation release. Ugh. Even the mastering sounds all distorted and crappy. It physically hurts to listen to - it's that bad, honest.

Isn't the new Within Temptation just...Evanescence?

Sounds like Once for the symphonic parts.
The voice is pretty... classical. Nothing special.
But there's no relation with Within Temptation, for me.
About the mastering, I wonder if it's not the quality of the file you got, more than the real quality.
For the music itself, it misses a bass, drums and guitars during the main part of the song.

(Anyway, excepted some pieces on Oceanborn, Nightwish isn't that great (imo), but I hope for some evolution. I can dream, I think)

Pics of new singer:

I don't like her voice, it sounds poppy and not operatic at all. I can't believe on lastfm some people think she is better than Tarja.

Meh. She doesnt look like she suits the band at all. Havent had a chance to listen yet but I will do when I get home, then I'll post my proper opinion. :)


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