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It didn't really turn out the way I wanted, but still, it's quite nice. I had nothing else to do.

It's in 1280x1024.

Full colour with all the sweet effects it includes:

Two-color version for the ones who are into that kind of stuff:

MaSu rocks, can't wait for PLAY!.  8)

EDIT: Previews of wallpapers should be 800x600 or lower.

In response to several threads being made wherein people have pimped their awesome/cool/nice-looking etc wallpapers, I've decided to create a new stickied thread and merge everything into this for ease of finding and to clean up this subforum a bit. Any new wallpapers should be posted in THIS thread and nowhere else.

by me:

::d o w n l o a d::
red :: blue :: green

by me again:

::d o w n l o a d::
blue :: green :: red

again, by me :P:

::d o w n l o a d::
white :: red :: green :: blue

by Robin Olausson (eForce\eWKn):,4489.msg160923.html#msg160923

By Lincer556:,4861.msg174635.html#msg174635

By Xiled:,4845.msg174468.html#msg174468

By me:,4845.msg174714.html#msg174714





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