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The 1337, the 666 and the number one

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I was just scrolling through my Winamp playlist which is all my music in alphabetical order when i saw my 666th song and so i wondered what my 1337th song was too then i just made the 1st song too because it sounded better in the Subject bar

1st: 1200 Micrograms - Acid For Nothing
666th: Rammstein - Amor
1337th: The Smashing Pumpkins - Bob Speaks

Not amazing songs in the end but they still quite nice, especially 1200 Micrograms while playing C&C3

I don't have a 1337 song...but:

#1 - Some thing from Songs to wear pants to.

#666 - Candlemass - Gothic Stone

#1 Ståålfågel - Ståålfågel

#666 Children of Bodom - Red light in my eyes pt 2

#1337 Dropkick Murphys - The only road

1337 - John Butler Trio - Company Sin
666 - Controller.Controller - Tigers Not Daughters
1 - A Camp - Frequent Flyer

1 - Machinae Supremacy - Bouff
666 & 1337 - none, my playlist only runs to 349, which is Machinae Supremacy - Fury 2007
i have a lot more music laying around on my disk, just cba to put it all in the playlist.


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