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Isn't the first PLAY! concert at 15:00? At least that's what their website says.


Playing time at Moshpit Open is 22.00 according to the site.

2007.05.15 - Quick stop in Luleå May 18th
Before our upcoming mini-tour in the Stockholm area, beginning with Moshpit Open 2007, followed by Bandit Metal Fest and concluded with the PLAY! video game symphony in the royal concert hall, we are doing a last minute hit&run gig at Brasseriet, Luleå. We summon all nearby fans and friends to this place! ;-)

Checked the festival page of PDOL today ("Piteå Dancing and Smiling". For the uninitiated Piteå is a city around 45Km south of Luleå) and spotted this:

This is of course totally win as I am going there (it's my home town but I have immigrated to holland 3 years ago) =)
Exact date not specified but the festival is between the 25th and 29th of July.

 8) 8) 8) ;D


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