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Yeah so I've noticed.....Drakonis, Lionninja, Fallout, and mumppis all seem to be gone. And there are hardly any posts by the band anymore. Where'd they all go? Did any of the members say they were leaving? (Not the band members) Seems a little quiet without all of them. Oh and did I miss anybody?

we are here reading and stuff not posting cos there aint anything to post :) + very very very busy with work and also same with the band they are very busy

Well Lion Ninja has been busy in fact he hasnt been on MSN for days : p
Fallout got banned from the forum, that is why he isnt posting (he is rather sore about it), he has told me as much.

Well im doing 12h work days pretty much i read the forums but i only post if i have some reason for it :)

Fallout got...banned?


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