Author Topic: Razer Barracuda AC-1 Soundcard. Input?  (Read 2846 times)

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Razer Barracuda AC-1 Soundcard. Input?
« on: January 23, 2008, 06:25:18 pm »
I just ordered a Razer Barracuda AC-1 soundcard. It was like my body was possessed and I had no choice. had it for under $80 dollars brand new. I've been wanting to get a sound card for my new machine (using onboard) and I just couldn't resist. Since I run Vista, I'm terrified of Creative x-Fi series cards due to horror stories (fat1lty series even, since creative drivers apparently suck).

I already have a SteelSeries 5H Headset (for gaming) on the way. I'm hoping I'll get that virtual surround sound feature with these two components combined, since they both apparently support it. I just wanted opinions on this card. If I hear terrible things I may just throw it right onto ebay and save myself the trouble. I've read mixed reviews so far, lots of really good experience and some bad-  but alot of the bad reviews seem so outdated and no longer an issue. Alot of people claim you can't use analog speakers/headphones with it. This is not true, it comes with an adapter for its high-def audio input. Also claims of no vista support are unfounded, since they clearly have released Vista drivers some time ago.

Thoughts!? :)

I'm posting this here since I'm curious of it's quality with music, television, and games. If I need to move this thread to technology I will. I know a few threads about speakers and whatnot have popped up and I'd like to continue to expand our discussions here if at all possible. If anyones disagrees, youre the people! Just let me know :)
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