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Is Jets n' Guns supposed to be really hard or is it just me?

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Warrior Bob:
I poked around for a topic on this but I didn't see one, please link me if I missed it and I'll delete the thread.

So I very much enjoyed the demo of Jets n' Guns, and I decided to buy the full version recently to play and to review on the radio show.  Now, I'm no hardcore game player, but I usually have an okay time with games like this, yet I found that on the default difficulty it was taking me several retries to get through the first and second levels.  This struck me as much harder than I suspected, and I wondered if that was the case for everyone else.

Is this game hard or am I just no good at it?

Thanks in advance for the responses, as they'll help me review this game properly.  If you say something that makes me laugh I'll probably end up reading it on the air, fair warning :)

I found it difficult too. Took me several attempts to get through the demo levels.
That said, I've never been good at games like that, despite how much i enjoy playing them. :P

yeah well it took time but when you get money and the ship upgraded its gonna help alot :)

Torp v2.0:
The first couple of levels, before you get the good plane, are pretty hard. Or at least, they have some irritating parts, specifically the last part of the break-in mission, where you have to escort your new ship out.

After you get the upgraded ship, however, I was actually disappointed with the difficulty. Way too easy for my tastes.

I've completed it 3 times now and have 3 of the Alien guns, you know the one you have the data research for to get?, anyway, everything is 1-4 hit kill :D


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