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What is your impression of a hubnester?

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Alright... so, I've been pondering this a bit: What is this "hubnester" we keep hearing about in Oki Kumas Adventure and Hubnester Inferno and all that?
I know it's been discussed, and I think even the band mentioned something about it, but I can't be arsed right now to find out.
'Cause here's the deal: What does YOUR version of the hubnester look like?
Responses can either be in the form of an image, or a detailed descriptin (to serve as inspiration for other budding artists, of course).
Hell, perhaps we will have a separate topic with a poll to decide the coolest ones. Who knows?
Now, get your creative energies going, people!

Strangely, "Hubnester" gives me a mental image of a Harvester.

um, funny as hell, but... not exactly what I had in mind  :P

Personally, I just think about an evil network admin, who lives in the huge server hub, controlling all. That would mean he looks like an eighties-style Revenge of the Nerds nerd.


--- Quote from: evilcandybag on November 30, 2006, 04:09:01 pm --- like an eighties-style Revenge of the Nerds nerd.

--- End quote ---

Please no..



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