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Half Life 2 Mods
« on: December 04, 2006, 01:32:46 pm »
This weekend, whilst staying over at a friends. We actually got bored of Dawn of War and thought to ourselves, "I wonder what HL2 Mods we can find". It suddenly occurred to me i'd never actually searched for them cause i heard there was bugger all out compared to HL1.

Heres what i found:

Hidden Source: 1 genetically modified human vs 10 crack special ops. The super human is called 617, is 95% stealthed and can one shot people with a timed attack. When i say timed, it takes about 2 seconds for it to work so you have to plan using it before you reach the enemy. You can pounce to gain distance either forward up point up to do a super jump. You also get 3 grenades which is funky. As the special ops, you have to kill 617 with one of 5 main weapons, 2 sidearms and a variety of upgrades including laser trip alarms (which  617 can't physically see the beams of). Of yeah, 617 has wall hack too.

Its kinda like Alien vs Predator 2 and it wins editors choice from me!

Source Forts: This is basically a Half Life 2 team deathmatch. Only when you begin the game, you have 500 seconds to bild a base out of spawnable objects. The objective is to steal the enemies flag and return it to yours. After a 500 second build time a 500 second combat phase begins, then a 500 second build, 500 second combat, the end. Objects can be destroyed and repaired, bridges can be made, shields etc.

If your a fan of Garry's Mod (like my friend is) you will probably like this, its part build part combat instead of all build.

Dystopia: This game reminds me heavily of Front Line Force, but in the future. Two teams with 3 armour classes. The different armours can have different weapons and abilities from stealth to portable ion cannons. You have to complete a series of objectives to win as the attackers or defend key locations to win as the defenders. I didn't get much time to play on this but it looked very nice i must say. You have to hack computers by going inside them, then its like Tron where you have to take over key points (i think) but the enemy might be jacked in to stop you etc.

I want to play this some more, but i think its worth a try and especially if your an olde Front Line Force player like me :)

Nest mod to try will be the one i read about in the other thread by Kobi called Black Mesa. When i've wirrten some of my dissitation up and finished 2 assignments >_>

If anyone else has some reviews please add to this thread :)
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Re: Half Life 2 Mods
« Reply #1 on: December 04, 2006, 02:22:11 pm »
Played all 3 of these to death. None really have that 'edge' that makes you want to stay playing them. Hidden Source is too buggy, and the weapons feel really cheap. Source Forts is good but gets old fast due to same old HL2 weapons. Dystopia is a nice concept and it's well made but theres just something about it that gets old fast. I guess the gameplay just isnt.. deep enough.


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Re: Half Life 2 Mods
« Reply #2 on: December 04, 2006, 10:06:43 pm »
MINERVA: A short one, but very well done. Only 2 parts so far but worth a play through.

...that's all I can think of.

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Re: Half Life 2 Mods
« Reply #3 on: December 05, 2006, 01:34:49 am »
I'm very much looking forward to They Hunger: Lost Souls by Neil Manke and his Black Widow Games team. Neil Manke is a bit of a level design genius, and the original They Hunger is widely considered by far the greatest single-player mod for the original HL, and range among the greatest mods made. Of course, being a single-player mod, it never reached the same popularity as some of the multiplayer ones.
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Re: Half Life 2 Mods
« Reply #4 on: December 05, 2006, 01:49:00 am »

enough said :)
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