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Everyone Else Has Had More Sex Than Me

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I'm starting to feel like this lil' bunny here. My friend*, a complete /b/tard through and through, only 14, is about to beat me to it. All my other friends did, now someone even geekier than me, and younger than me, is rubbing it in my face.

So, forums, your mission: To cheer me up by moaning that you're not getting any, too. Please.

*The friend.. It's... It's Kurt. :'(

I can't say I'm not getting any, as that'd just be lieing. :(
Contrary to popular belief, though, getting laid isn't a race. I'm gonna get laughed at by everyone here by saying that waiting for someone right > having sex just for the hell of it.

Jack Lupino:
What the hell is this sex anyway ?


--- Quote from: Radicz0r on November 27, 2006, 01:11:13 am ---What the hell is this sex anyway ?

--- End quote ---

You just made my day. <3

It's not about who you are or how likable you are anyway. You can be the awesomest hunk in the world and never get laid. It's all about your skills at promoting yourself and giving out the impression that you're available and interested. That, and luck. If you're bad at the first, then luck only.

This ass is probably spewing himself all over the place, acting irrational and detestable as he seemingly did here. Some females (or males?) misinterpret this and create illusions allowing them to actually tolerate such guys. As pets, of course.

If I wore a dress, I bet unicorns would reveal themselves to me in the forests.

Attaching a photo of this guy's girlfriend.


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