Author Topic: Is General dead?  (Read 12650 times)

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Re: Is General dead?
« Reply #45 on: November 02, 2006, 11:58:53 pm »
ENOUGH with the whining, bitching and petty bickering, already! We've been having too much of this lately, and for the stupidest reasons ever. I don't wanna see flamewars starting on our beloved forums. Yes, we've had a lot of spam lately. Yes, some rules were changed to try to combat this. Whining and bickering about these things will NOT help, it will only increase the amount of useless spam, because that is what it truly is.

I swear, sometimes I just wanna bang people's heads together until they see reason and make up(or at least join forces and see a common enemy in me).

Can someone please lock this thread? It has served its purpose, methinks (if it ever had any)

I dont wanna see any flaming either, and you're right. We had our discussion and we've decided to post more in General, and to post meaningfull things instead of mindless spam.

Locked. :)