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Internet : Good or bad for the music industry ?

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I sure hope it's bad for the industry becuase they're being such big asses over it.  >:(

I think internet is the best and biggest thing that ever happened to culture. For the millions of artist that previously couldn't show off, I think that easily outweighs any negative effects.
We get thousands of times more variation over internet than from industry.

I'm sure all artists wish they could make money on their works, but there isn't enough money in the world to pay them all what they're worth. Apprecitation and exposure is worth much more and at some point the interest for an artist is big enough to become profitable but that's not something you should count on.

If all students would get paid for all the doodles in their notes that look just like modern art then noone would need to take student loans.

If astists were more like MaSu(Wants money for music but rather have listeners) then it wouldn;t be considered such a curse.

i'm torn. the internet makes it incredibly easy to access millions and millions of bands and artists. which is an awesome thing for us, the consumer. but this ease is meaning things are getting a lot more popular than they used to, and we're seeing more and more genres getting blown up out of proportion a-la numetal and hundreds of bands that sound exactly the same suddenly appear. dunno about you guys but this puts me right off.

the net is obviously bad for recording companies, i know loads of people say "i download some stuff but i always buy the cd after sampling the tracks online" but this is a minority among downloaders so at all times it's gonna be bad for the companies.  for the artists, i'm not so sure. yeh people aren't buying records as much, but i betcha you go to a sell-out metallica show and 40% of anyone there under the age of 18 found metallica online (bad example maybe cos anyone with an older sibling will love tallica = p).

but the point is, it has it's good and bad points, but there's no denying that it's possible to gain a HUGE amount of popularity on the internet and increase your gig attendance in a huge way (i think someone before said that, tis a good way to look at it that i never really considered that much)

so yeh, in short. internet = fuckin a!

There is good and bad to everything, for example this forum, there's people like fffaaallloout (bad) then there people like Gravehill and Draconis(good)

I think it's good. With the internet, you can reach to thousands more people than you ever could before. Sure, the illegal downloading is a downside to things, but it wouldn't be a problem if the RIAA would just back off. I mean, people who like an album will go buy it anyway.


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