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My Gamertag is VymDiesel add meeeee :p

New updated Gamertag: Evil CatDog

Playing  MW2 like crazy hit me up!

Gamertag: BlastyrWurm

Multiplayer games on disc: Gears of War 3, Halo Reach (+ all DLC), Left 4 Dead 2 (+ all DLC), Portal 2, Borderlands (+ all DLC), The Orange Box, Rock Band 3 (+ like 400 USD in DLC; don't have a keyboard controller, though), Rock Band 2 (I haven't traded this yet, for some reason)

Multiplayer XBLA games: Aegis Wing, Castle Crashers (+ all DLC), Harm's Way, ilomilo (shutupit'sfun), N+, Scott Pilgrim

I'll jump aboard :) Not on as much as I like...but hey, when I am on, I tend to spend a long time on there XD

Tag is Karl 107 :)

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