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--- Quote from: megadokyo on October 26, 2010, 01:37:51 pm ---It's now Akourah. Akourist was my USA account for when I won a year of GOLDDDDD but im back to my UK account now.

Bring on the friendships!

--- End quote ---

Updated bro, lemme know if you want me to remove the other one entirely. Just left it crossed out in case you still use it for any purpose.

And anyone else missing please PM me to be added. I frequent the forums on my iPhone so it's easy to miss a post. ;)

End of Jan 2011 ima finally have good internet to where i dont have to go to friends houses to play live lol

Mine is Willlem NL

Mind the tripe L's and the spacing, there's not an _undescore_ or anything.

I've been doubled on the list. :) The bottom gamertag is correct, though.

Simple: Unmasked Shyguy

just send message MaSu so i know who you are ! :D


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