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User Reference List:
Drakonis - Draxis
SomethingApt - SomethingApt
Loki - Irrationalist
GhostNinja - Falco2073
Caranfin - Caranfin
Harvey McRyanpants - harvey danger
Warrior Bob - WarriorBob9
Fallout - Falolout
cloudstrifex - chizzledot
TimeFlower - TimeFlower
SweZor - SweZ0r
Wiinis - Wiinis
Annie - AnnieFannie
yasiekk - yasiex0r
sammy. - xCarnageV1
Zach - kaoristomp
gaijin - RATMjin
Nazxul360 - Nazxul360
Chronologix: Zietlogik
Ecko: SlayerES
grubbster: grubbzter
Irrationalist: Irrationalist
Kjartan: igjenkjent
Krelian: fnool
LuckysRevenge: LegionOfStoopid
Lysix: HouseOnTheRocks
megadokyo: Akourah Akourist
Nazxul360: Nazxul360
sammy.: xCarnageV1
WereVolvo: WereVolvo
yasiekk: jasieksor
Zach: kaoristomp
Johnny-Oh: NeutralizerFIN

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When I get Live, I'll ask about joining. But it doesnt seem like that'll be any time soon. Sky Broadband are being cunts :(

Your internet provider won't let you use live?

Holy crap that was a fast reply.

No, luckily that aint the problem. There's a special offer with Sky Broadband where you get a free wireless router with the MAX connection, but it isnt enabled around here yet, and they keep delaying and delaying. They're saying 3 months atm, but I guess I'll be lucky if I get Live around my birthday.

Before you say, I cant just use an Ethernet cable, because the Xbox is downstairs and the current (non-wireless) router we have is upstairs, in my brothers room. Doing so would require a 20m cable, and I cant be arsed wasting money on a long bloody wire, and nor can I be arsed buying a wireless router now, only to get another for free in 3 months time.


[edit-off to play bf2142, ttyl]

Add me if you want. :)

My GT is Falco2073. :D


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