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--- Quote from: robert on October 19, 2006, 03:30:30 pm ---We were in some finnish Mag called Rumba recently. Just a short notice about Spinefarm signing some video game metal band (like "Videopillen metallista hyväpäyvä etc") ... ;)

--- End quote ---
I genuinely laughed out loud for this... Reminded me of one episode of My Name Is Earl where Earl is mimiccing germany funnily. Finnish is very funny language indeed... Thou personally I think that every language sounds bit funny before you get used to it. And still there are some funny dialects to find out.

Finnish belongs to Finnish-Ugrian language family, same as hungarian and estonian for example. There is also many minor languages in that family too. Scandinavian languages are swedish, danish, norwegian, icelandic and fär-language. Finland is officially two-language nation and our other official language is swedish. That means that Finland as state belongs to scandinavian language zone but our language does not :D We learn swedish at school or at home (there are swedish-speaking finns also) so most of us understand swedish. Most finns speak better english than swedish thou because there are vast areas where you don't need to use swedish for anything (like Savo, for example). Those who live at the coastal-zone speak often better swedish than rest of us because majority of swedish-speaking population does live there.

Yesterday Finnish radio show Metalliliitto (metal union) played Masu. See the playlist below:

Manowar: The Sons Of Odin (The Sons Of Odin EP)
Manticora: Wisdom (The Black Circus: Part One-The Letters)
Rhapsody Of Fire: A New Saga Begins (Triumph Or Agony)
Firebird: Horse Drawn Man (Hot Wings)
Desperado: Hang 'em High (Ace)
Rose Tattoo: Black-eyed Bruiser (single)
Europe: The Getaway Plan (Secret Society)
Kaos Krew: Coffin Nails (Devour)
Machinae Supremacy: I Know The Reaper (Redeemer)

Interview: Children Of Bodom/Alexi Laiho
Children of Bodom: Deadnight Warrior (Live in St.Petersburg 1998), Sixpounder, Hate Crew Deathroll ja Follow The Reaper (Chaos Ridden Years - Stockholm Knockout Live-DVD),

T.O.L.K.: Raspi (demo)
Kill The Romance: Breath (Cyanide)
Dark Flood: Sanctuary Cell (The Dead Lines)
Adamantra: For Ever (single)


Added to the site earlier today! Might be translated into English soon but I can't promise anything, since we don't have any translators yet. Hope some people from Finland find this interview nice one to read through.

Nice interview, thanks :)

nice stuff indeed ^^


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