Author Topic: The band should rerelease some of there "Demo" tracks in future albums, and why.  (Read 8316 times)

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The ones that are the classics IMO were the 5 I mentioned. Anyway, I don't know why people would complain if they only did lets say one song an album and have the rest of the tracts all new. I mean about 13 new songs and maybe one thats redone or remastered, I'd be happy with that.

Hm, Hero on an album in the furture?! That would*orgasum* Well I hope the band dose do that, a remastered Hero on an album would be VERY awsome.

lol how do you decide that are classics i would love to hear Origin or Follower or Missing Link in an album yes those songs are good very good but like Origin when they used to play it live was so kick ass :)

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Hero and Winterstorm on a new album would be awesome. Rob I think if enough people bring it up the band should seriously consider doing this. Or you could just do it for me ;).

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Why not SID metal?  :D

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I hate Hero.

but, for once, i agree with you, mumppis... Missing Link and Origin and Follower would be orgasmic remade.

i had somethign to say, but i forgot.

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How can you HATE hero?
This quote is out of context:
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I wasnt aware that was even possible :P

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Maybe you didn't hear it properly due to your ears shutting down from an overload of sheer awesomeness?
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That's true, Hero has been debated on whether or not to be included in a new recording on the third or fourth album... Though I must say it's somewhat of a deterrent thinking about how much shit we'd probably get from those who hate us using "old" material.

There'll always be people hating what you do, but hero is a classic. You gotta do it!

Couldn't agree more. Hero is simply teh ultimate uber-song! Gnargh, for half an hour I've now tried to find the words to explain why I want it on the next album (or the one after that), let's just say that I'd love to see my favorite song of all songs I ever heard in my life on a real album :)

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I don't LOVE Hero, but it's not the worst. I put Follower in that spot IMO.

My first love of MaSu music was Kings of the Scene. Winterstorm, Origin (I like both v1 and v2 for different reasons), FFN (same as origin), Hybrid (even Seventeen fails to beat Hybrid for sheer high-volume rockout potential), Earthbound... I recently rediscovered Arcade, and now love it. I'd love to hear a modern retake of Winterstorm. Even if it just came up as a site release re-recorded to the band's current standards, that would still be awesome.
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I won't lie, I too am not such a great fan of Hero.
I won't lie either by saying that I won't mind hearing a more hard version of Earthbound.

Quite frankly a version of FFN that is more clear and crisp with the SID kicking in hard would be marvelous.

But then Winterstorm could be beautiful too.........
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