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Re: World of Warcraft
« on: August 04, 2006, 06:28:35 pm »
Yes Yes... I remember seeing Cirildor in Argent Dawn. This is Kaoeloth, 33 human warrior in Argent Dawn too. Yay. A good RolePlaying server.  ;) What becomes to WoW, It's on the top of my list. WoW, MGS Series (Go Snake Go!), Splinter Cell, and of course Resident Evil.

Anmar, level 49 Night Elf Rogue on Defias Brotherhood. (yeees. It's a normal player, not a hacker or a GM in there. :P)

The shame in Defias brotherhood is the gigantic nubmer of Gankers. Really. I try not to become one myself. But truly a balanced RP/PvP server.

And yes. Hope to see you in Argent Dawn akakori-LASER. :P
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Re: World of Warcraft
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