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Cans vs Bottles vs Draft

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mmm they sell glass coke at the shop down my road. it's awesomeness.

You lucky bugger :o Do they collect the glasses up and clean them or just recycle them and remake them? Cause not only are the bottles distinctive, they are pretty bloody heavy/thick.

Whats all your favorite coke/pepsi's then? :D

(lol, i'm typing using walkers french fries)

Torp v2.0:
Glass bottles are the preferred containers for Coca Cola.

Coca Cola is always preferred over Pepsi Cola.

The light variants of Coca Cola vs. Pepsi, I'm more unsure of. Diet Coke got a better flavour, but the aftertaste of the sweeteners are worse than the Pepsi Max.

hmmm... coke > pepsi in all forms. dont even get me started on diet, it's like coke with all the goodness removed.

draft > glass bottle > can > plastic bottle

although i usually end up buying it in a plastic bottle for the convenience factor.

For me it's not important which one I drink...
I just drink it...
I would even drink very cheap coke from the cheap supermarket...
And as I don't buy it myself and drink only sometimes if my parents have bought it or I scrounge off my friend at school or I am at a party where it is just there already, I don't care.

I think perhaps I prefer Pepsi because the bottles have blue labels :P


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