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Well most of you people know we have IRC channels for machinae supremacy and usually band members visit them.


IRCnet #machinaesupremacy
QuakeNet #machinaesupremacy

How to use IRC

There are many clients, most of the people that use windows use mIRC, for mac users there's Ircle and irssi for linux users. < for download < for download < for download

Install the software and then how to use there are few good guides:

And the servers for different countries you can find here:


The channel for both networks is #machinaesupremacy, if you need any help pm me for IRCnet help and pm refic for QuakeNet help in here or on IRC, the nicks are the same.

by mumppis

(with some little changes by me)

Sticky! Yeah, hung around there before but never really use irc except for CS warfinder (#warfinder).

I guess I could pop back now it's not full of !quote..

L'homme magique:
IRC is devil.

The IRC chans are so inactive, you have to do recruitment drives now?


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