Author Topic: The Kinky Thread (as promised in the newbie thread)  (Read 48347 times)

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Re: The Kinky Thread (as promised in the newbie thread)
« Reply #255 on: February 11, 2007, 11:10:31 pm »
I never said I would rather sleep with a "slut" than some other girl, I was just ranting against the opinion many have that a girl that sleeps with many guys is a slut, in the negative meaning of the word. I would rather sleep with a girl I had an emotional connection to than anything else, regardless of whether or not she's had many partners before me or not. But if I was to have a one-night-stand (something I'm actually not particularly a fan of), I would prefer to have it with someone who was good at giving pleasure.

Also, never take a post where I go all scientific-y on a non-scientific subject too seriously.
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Re: The Kinky Thread (as promised in the newbie thread)
« Reply #256 on: February 12, 2007, 12:13:54 am »
geez, you're talking about sex as if it's some kind of sport or competition. maybe if you're having one night stands than you need some sort of general 'skills', but from my experience in a relationship it's more about being on the same wavelength, trusting each other, and exploring, but not some measurable performance...
Of course those things matters. But some things can be learned only with time. My wife has definitely learned some skills during these years. And she really knows how to play me. That's one advantage of really long relationship. Another knows exactly how to play his / her partner. Boring? I would not say so. In our case it's not so, anyways. There's always wonderful new things to discover.

One thing there is I want to warn you all sex-lovers, thou. Babies. They damage your sex life 100% sure. It's so much problem hiding all your stuff so that they don't play with those funny looking buzzing monsters or so that they can avoid having Penthouse as picture book, then problems of finding common time and place... And then finding time to get even some sleep. Sometimes it's frustrating. Just last night for example. We had things going, it was all good WHEN SUDDENLY our junior woke up coughing, crying and calling us. What can you do but go there to comfort little buddy? It was heartbreaking. I felt pity for my son and for my erection. Talk about "moment dying"... :D So if you want experience blessings of parenthood be ready to lose some sex. But good thing is that you can always masturbate. Honestly, I don't know any pair who could have avoided some dive in sex life after having kids. Some even have talked about death of sex.
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Re: The Kinky Thread (as promised in the newbie thread)
« Reply #257 on: February 12, 2007, 01:37:29 am »
a friend of mine, Master Haakon, has a toddler named Marcus, and another on the way.. One day Marcus came wandering into the living room with a ballgag over his shoulder.

He is his father's son.
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Re: The Kinky Thread (as promised in the newbie thread)
« Reply #258 on: February 12, 2007, 04:08:21 am »
Can we get a date thread, that'd be cool.

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Re: The Kinky Thread (as promised in the newbie thread)
« Reply #259 on: February 12, 2007, 06:50:38 am »
It is, by definition, a girl who is more sexually promiscuous than society (that is, the person calling the girl a slut) likes. Rephrased, a slut is anyone who has more sex than you'd like to have (or sex with more partners, more correctly).

The first part I'd agree with; the second part I'd not. A girl who has slept with three guys in a month might be labeled a slut; however, us guys would give anything to accomplish such a feat, and in the unlikely even that we did, it wouldn't be slutty so much as impressive.

That said, it doesn't go agains the rest of your argument. Yes, one who has more sex will tend to be better at it. But the people who are considered promiscuous enough to be called "slut" in a serious and repeated fashion tend (at least in this society) not to be free-love hippies who simply don't have a hangup with sleeping with people, but rather tend to be trying to find self-worth and the appreciation of others the most obvious way they can. What effect this will have on the physical side of sex is debatable, but emotionally, i know i would absolutely hate to sleep with someone who was more concerned with whether or not i said she was pretty than anything else. And I suppose you would agree, but I guess the point is... ermm.. the point is, there's more to saying "slut" than just "you have more sex than this arbitrary number," and i think you'd find most americans at least would raise an eyebrow if you said that the word "slut" is "a positive word, implying that you're good in bed." Perhaps there is another word or phrase for what you have in mind, because the connotations i have is not of good sex like a courtesan, but more like dirty, 18th-century wench sex where the question is not "are there STDs?" but "I hope I can avoid the worst ones."

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Re: The Kinky Thread (as promised in the newbie thread)
« Reply #260 on: February 13, 2007, 07:49:18 pm »
Kobi you just need to meet the right gamer girl. ;)

I always keep my eyes open. But generally I prioritise career, party, traveling and work first of all during the young years ;)

And boy did this turn into a new word definition thread. Slut might have a general consensus somewhere but the word is different for everyone depending on their expereince and view on the word. My impression is that its a person, often a girl that is addicted to sex and generally tends to switch partners (boyrfriends even).

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Re: The Kinky Thread (as promised in the newbie thread)
« Reply #261 on: February 19, 2007, 08:04:45 pm »
Sex is like wine, there is no such thing as to
Sex is like praying to God, you hope for it to happen....well for some anyways...
Sex is like food, you crave for it and at the end of the day its all over your face...
the end. hahaha that was horrible.
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