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Re: Cheating on the Arcade
« Reply #75 on: June 25, 2006, 09:11:05 pm »
Sheesh, you're still saying I was cheating. Why does it bother you that I tried to cure some apathy playing mind-numbingly dull flash games? Some eat candy, my friend started Mapling, I tried playing dumb games. I didn't intentionally say to myself while in a good mood, "yeah, let's spend five hours doing the most boring thing I can think of so I can tick someone off on a forum".

And do you seriously think I'd cheat at a forum arcade game? If I knew you could tab-space, it wouldn't make a difference anyway - I'd still need to sit and do nothing for an hour. And that's probably nowhere near the maximum score, I just stopped at a good number. I overshot the number in Asteroids by shooting a saucer though, so I rounded it up to something suitable.

I don't think it's the arcade you're annoyed with, something else is bothering you in real life. Not trying to pretend I'm some shrink, but that's how I am when I'm tense, I take it out on forums. That's usually what causes me to take breaks from the Internet, so I don't hurt people while I'm not feeling well. I did recently, so now I'm in a good mood again. Please cheer up, this is just a forum. And don't let some of the other guys' trolling get to you, they're just being pricks. I'm not annoyed at you at least. :-*

Btw, speaking of flash game boredom, were you ever on the original TopWebComics forum (back when Mark of Portent updated)? Me and a friend would see who'd get the highest Space Invaders score, and the game stopped being difficult past level 5. So eventually, he decided to destroy me by sitting five hours straight setting a ridiculous score. I never bothered to beat that one.

Nothing is bothering me in RL atm, my life's pretty much fine, as i've described in other threads. What is bothering me is my computer life atm. I'm not on one game all the time, im always juggling between about 3 or 4 games, there are many games sitting on my desktop that I havent bothered to finish yet, and I end up spending most of my time on MSN instead of games, like I used to.

I just feel im losing my knack, is all.

Ah well, it has to go some time. I'm probably getting a job soon, and my social life is getting a lot better, I've stopped playing so many games and started being more social on MSN.

Just ignore my moaning about arcade games. It's stupid.


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Re: Cheating on the Arcade
« Reply #76 on: June 25, 2006, 10:51:23 pm »

oh, and locked ;)

Lets keep the anal retentive arguements to a singular thread, wherever it may be, preferably not on these forums. If i'm getting my hand out of my ass, everybody else whose still up their own should aswell.