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10,000 days, Wings for Mary.

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I really hope there are a lot more Tool fans on this Forum, because this is absolutely outstanding.
and I don't just mean the album on its own

Has the thought that "Viginity Tres is a useless track" pass through anyone's head?
yeah, mine too... but now it means everything.

Wings for Mary PT 1 is a 6:11 length song.
Viginity Tres is a 5:02 length song
10,000 days (wings pt 2) is a 11:13 length song.

see it?

this is a must do.
a must.
open 2 media players.
enqueue viginity tres first and Wings for Mary pt 1 second in your first media player
enqueue 10,000 days (wings pt 2) in your second media player.
I used Winamp and Windows Media player, then put winamp right next to the media player play button and hit play on both as fast as I could.
if you can't get it pefectly synched the effect is still AMAZING so, don't worry.
you could even try timing it using pause if you want... whatever you want, just don't worry too much about perfect synch.
my best try was about a 1/2 second off.

anyway, do it... the effect is amazing, bone chilling even and the meaning of the songs becomes infinitely deeper.

I was shaking for about an hour after doing it... but my nerves kind of suck.

and for god sakes listen to the lyrics people.

yeah there was a massive fuss about that when the album came out. it was quite cool, sounded a bit messy though, personally i prefer them seperate. hardly anything life changing, contrary to what all the tool fanboys would have you believe :P ;D

oh yeah, and it DOESNT EXUSE ALL THE GODDAMN FILLER ON THE ALBUM. seriously, i'm all for dramatic buildups and whatnot, but i'd have thought that after 5 years they could come up with a tiny bit more material. meh. i still <3 tool :P ;D

Being a huge tool fan i think every song is just as amazing as all the others
especially Vicarious, quite a good name for the song i feel as it does strike a chord ( look up the difinition if you don't know what it means)
also his singing on The Pot is truly amazing, I'm going to try that suggest of wings and 10,000 days

10,000 days in't their best album, it's a toss up between AEnema and Laturalus

Also if you want the mto play at same time try using Goldwave

EDIT: Viginti Tres seems pointless on it's own, but so does Lost Keys, i feel it will be the first part to the introduction to the next album

have you heard about "the Holy gift" on Lateralus, Caduceus?

look it up if not, it's pretty genius.

--- End quote ---

they chose to put it there, they weren't just trying to fill.
After reading about "the holy gift" and seeing the time they put into making Wings for Mary and viginity Tres meld together, I doubt they just throw in filler...
I personaly think 10,000 days is their best, and possibly the favourite album I own.
yes, even above Redeemer *gasp*

i read about the holy gift, and i actually went through the effort of editing the songs in audacity to make them flow better (as recommended in the guide). my final opinion is that yeah... the songs do fit well in a rearranged order, but this is after editing the intros and outros slightly, so it really doesn't seem like it was intentional. seriously, if you look for something hard enough you'll find it, even if it isn't there.

10,000 days is, in my opinion, a great album. and i absolutely love wings 1 & 2, but i still never understood why many people think of tool as the best band ever. a LOT of their material sounds samey, and while there are some brilliant tracks, there's also a lot of tracks which i feel the necessity to skip.


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