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The Pirate Bay has been raided

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Torp v2.0:
According to the news, The Pirate Bay (a major swedish torrent-site, for those who didn't know) was raided by the police today. Two people were detained for interrogation, and several servers taken. Among the servers taken were servers not directly connected to The Pirate Bay, among them the webservers for PiratByrån, a lobby group working for the rights of filesharers, and according to the Norwegian paper VG, a server or servers belonging to the swedish political party PiratPartiet. The website of PiratPartiet,, does not mention their servers being taken, although the rather spartan look of the page might indicate that this is true (I've never checked their homepage before, so I cannot tell).

Press Release from PiratPartiet after the raid

--- Quote ---The Pirate Party critizises the police for faulty search and seizure

Today the Swedish Police raided The Pirate Bay, one of the worlds largest bittorrent trackers, seizuring computers and other property. Despite the fact that in repeated cases Swedish courts has judged The Pirate Bays activities as legal, the police choose to yield to pressure from the media companies.

Acoording to one of the site's operators, the police wishes to test the legality of the site's activities.

"What company would accept this treatment?", asks Rickard Falkvinge, leader of the Pirate Party. "What company would accept that the police interrupted their whole operation, before it was proven that said operation was illegal? The case is that The Pirate Bay has not commited any crime. They are disliked by major American media companies, that is correct. But it is not illegal to be disliked, and it is definitely not a reason for the Swedish Police to march in and close one of the mayor gathering sites for youths."

"This is exactly the kind of raids that the Pirate Party wants to stop", Rickard finishes. "When society sends the police on it's youths because they listen to music and watches film, then it is not the youth who are misbehaving. Then it is society that needs to get a grip."

--- End quote ---

I've never used the Pirate Bay myself, but I don't like this...

All flags shall henceforth be flown at half mast for the remainder of the day...  :'(

I loved that site.

AFAIK, the authorities will have to give them their shit back when they discover that they havent done anything illegal. Also, Piratbyrån is an awesome word. ;D

Torp v2.0:
Yes, as the press release stated, the Pirate Bay has not done anything that is in breach with swedish law.


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